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Sunday, May 13, 2012

u r invited

Found a little bit of inspo from Nancy Wyatt on Rhonna Farrer's blog.

The photo is the invitation to Annie's birthday party back in 2009.

Yep. I'm still in 2009   pmsl.

I actually completed a double LO yesterday using the same 'corsage' idea, but I can't reveal it yet   ;O)

I was so keen on the corsage idea that I wanted to do it again, but 'gosh and darn' I had used up my last of the little paper lace doilies. :(   So while I was in town today at the local IGA, I discovered they don't have any either :(  :(   So a quick txt around still found none, until I ducked into the 5 Loves Bakery (it was open for Mother's Day) and  they gladly helped me out. Thanks Michael.

So with a bit of paint splatting, (hard to see the white ones as they are so fine) and shifting things around, I'm chuffed with the end result.

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