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Wednesday, May 23, 2012



the back story.... Teagan stayed over last night to give the kids some company. Lets face it, being stuck at home with a gammy legged Mum is so not fun. So Teagancame to stay. And thank goodness she did.

I had a crappy day yesterday with my knee, that ended up needing xrays today. But during the night I was crook. After about 3am I managed to get some sleep. I woke up about 8am, helped the kids with their breakfasts and asked Miss T if she would very much mind if I went back to bed for a quick nap. I was really feeling like a washed out dishrag. After talking with her Mum about today's plans and getting the ok for Teagan watching the kids, I had a little snooze.

I woke up human. I felt so much better. At least the tummy had settled. The kids made me a get well message made from daises on the front lawn. I damn near cried.
posted with permission :O)

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