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Thursday, May 15, 2014

life as a gymnastics coach

I'm training 6 boys for 3 MAG (Mens Artistic Gymnastics) competitions this year. The first one being a couple of weekends away.

I've really got stuck into training myself this year, with upskilling and getting accredited as a MAG coach. I've been a WAG (Women's Artistic Gymnastics) for a couple of years, but now that its just Sean doing gym, my focus has changed. This has meant online assessments, a day of face to face training in Adelaide, my being mentored and seeking other coaches assistance on the way.  It's being quite a journey.

Cummins and Port Lincoln clubs' have combined to fly over an instructor over for the day of intensive squad training on Sunday, which will really benefit both coaches and the gymnasts. I'm hoping with all my fingers crossed that I can be ticked off for the final paperwork and assessments. And that would be a huge sigh of relief from me, and a wonderful sense of achievement.

Our club is in need of expanding our pool of coaches for its long term future, and I'm very much involved in that.

been a bit busy......    ;)

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