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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

what a day

the best day of golf EVER!!
27 hole match played as pairs with 2 other pairs, so there was six of us going round together. What a great social day.  We hit off about 9.30 and finished up around about 5.25pm.

The first nine was ok, the second nine was pretty good, the third nine was amazing. We hit 49 off the stick on that 3rd nine.  That's A grade stuff.

Tracy and I had a fair few high fives and happy dancing on the fairways and scrapes. Man, she sunk some monster putts.

Back at the club we won 2nd Div Handicap and the Novelty of the second stroke on the 18th. My drives improved a lot during the day, and Tracy hit some bloody handy second shots.

What a wonderful team mate, lots of fun, with the same mind set, and just a wonderful support when I duffed my shots.   Thanks heaps and I really hope we pair up again for the next foursome event.

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