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Monday, May 11, 2015

SAPSASA Athletics

Annie was in LEP SAPSASA Athletics for Shot Put, 100m sprint and the 4x100 relay back in March. So for Shot Put training at home we used Boccie balls which aren't the required 3kg weight but we used them more for learning the push technique. 

This was around the time Beck Beattie was staying with me prior to the E2C retreat and as luck would have it, she was able to train Annie as bit as Beck had competed at the Little Athletics State Championships when she was younger. Beck had far more of an idea than I did and Annie was more than happy to learn from Beck

 (image used with permission - thanks Beck)

So of course Sean had to get in on the action :)

The LEP SAPSASA Athletics was held at Ravendale. Annie's 100m sprint.

Annie was the first leg of the 4x100m relay

Overall it was a fun day and a bit of an eyeopener as we haven't been involved with SAPSASA before. I haven't included any pics of her Shot Put as it has other children in them. She did well and pushed a PB for herself, but was a bit short of the first few place getters.  She came home feeling good and that she had done her best. I can't ask for more than that.

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Beck Beattie said...

It was so much fun reliving my athletics days with her! Nice work on the PB Annie!!