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Sunday, May 3, 2015

seek - my one little word

Seek has been the perfect 'one-little-word' for me this year. I've seeked (correct English would be sought) a lot of advice this year. 

 I'm carrying a lot of long term injuries from years of working with horses. I've needed advice and help with my on-going shoulder/elbow injuries which means surgery in August, in my journey as a sports trainer, on my golfing game, how to modify what I do at gym (fitness) so I can still get something out of it despite my feet, both knees, both shoulders and right elbow problems.

I've had to dig deep and seek the strength to put the camera down for the last few months due to my shoulder and elbow. That's been so hard. And to seek the confidence to say no without guilt to the families wanting to book their photography sessions. Especially from August onward when I normally am so flat out while the countryside looks its absolute best. The only exception is I will honor the gift vouchers for this year.

I've sought grace will under fire. I offered spontaneous generosity of my heart at an event which two people found offensive. I'm quite sure my breathing offends them. So rather than bite back in the same tone that they used, (in an acid email, not face to face which would have be more polite), I chose the high road and used grace and tact. I felt like I rose above their cattiness and controlling issues by not biting back. I have never, ever, not once, EVER criticised escape2create and its concepts. For those who believe that I have, you have your facts wrong. You hearing jaundice dialogue second and third hand. 

I've had to seek the courage to let the maternal apron strings slip a little. Annie has a job, and maybe with a little luck, might be traveling with an short OS exchange program. More on that latter if its likely to happen.

When Shabby Chic Shack let me know I could order the Heidi Swapp marque letters, SEEK was my obvious choice. It is so relevant to me right now. I suspect that this little word is so part of my ethos that its now an ingrained part of me.

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