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Sunday, May 10, 2015

walking with dinosaurs - arena spectacular

A few weekends ago we took the kids to Adelaide to experience Walking with the Dinosaurs. And it was simply spectacular. The scale of the dinosaurs was 1:1. In other words, true to size. So thinking of how tall and long the Brachiosauruses were, and there were two of them, and the size of the arena, the scale of everything was huge. I did wonder how to they move everything from city to city for other shows. It's a little mind boggling actually.

Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Waiting for the show.  Its funny how you run into people and it doesn't matter where you are, there is someone you know.  I was yakking away with the fam when this lady popped herself in the seat in front of me and started chatting. Blow me down if it wasn't Cass, a cousin I haven't seen irl for years and years. She spotted me (and the camera) from a couple of blocks of seating away and made a bee line for us.  So brilliant to snatch a 5 minute chat just before the show started.

The Paleontologist  (Lucas Worth) who narrated the show.  The Liliensternus pinched a newly hatched Plateosaurus. The Liliensternus was a 5 metre carnivore hunter.  The Plateosaurus  was 8-9 metres tall and was thought to roam in herds.

The Stegosaurus with its distinctive double row of plates on its back and spikes on its tail. 9 metres tall. Its mouth was a horned beak.

The Allosaurus sneaking up on the Stegosaurus. It stood 12 metres high. Its had over 70 teeth that were 3 inches long.

The young male and Mother Brachiosaurus's. See the guy that I've circled on the right. He gives a sense of scale of just how big they were. When the Mum had her neck up right up high she wasn't that far from touching the lighting rigs. Some of the stats that I could find say they stood over 22 metres tall and they weighed around 80 tons. Its a vegetarian, grazing on tree tops by stripping branches with its peg like teeth.

The Ornithocheirus with a wing span of up to 12 metres. It could fly for days at a time and its remains have been found on different continents.

Two male Torosauruses fighting for male supremacy. The one on the left had a horn broken during the fight and gave way to the victor.  The roaring was impressive

The victorious Torosaurus. I could feel the bass of his victory roar run through my chest. It was 6-9 metres tall. Its like a dinosaur version of the rhinoceros and it featured an enormous neck frill on the largest skull of any terrestrial animal.

The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex moving in to save her baby (out of shot) from the Ankylosaurus. The Ankylosaurus has a club tail for its weapon and it was about 11 metres tall. It was a tank of a dinosaur.

Mother Tyrannosaurus Rex reunited with her baby. She stood 12 metres tall and would have weighed in around 6 tons. Her teeth were 15 cms long and serrated and she had a bone crushing bite strength.

I've lots of other pics but I feel that these ones are enough to tell the story of how amazing this was. The kids were just gob smacked by it all and it really lit up their curiosity with dinosaurs.

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