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Sunday, July 10, 2016

lou, wilna & #escape2create2016

The weekend of June 25th to 27th was looked forward to with much anticipation. Not only do I get to spend time with Lou again, both during and after the weekend ...


I was able to meet my other scrappy idol in real life. I've had a girl crush on Wilna Furstenburg for the longest time and to be able to interact with her was a gift I will treasure.

 #escape2create2016 #e2c2016 was held at the Lincoln Hotel this year due to a long term booking at the Lions Hostel. I missed the shed and all the buzz that happens in there. I prefer it to the hotel for a number of reasons, but I'll keep them to myself. 

The scraproom was festooned in colour and 93 ladies were creating all weekend. It was brilliant to be in a room of like minded souls all busy with memory keeping. To be able to switch off from the real world and take some time out for myself was lovely and appreciated.

My lanyard and coffee cup which become my tote as table space was very tight this year due to all of us in a far smaller space on far smaller tables than in previous years.

Wilna had her daughter Tia over for the trip from Canada to experience a bit of our Aussie way of life. She's lovely and a real credit to her parents.

Wilna and I took 5 mins out in the foyer for photos and we couldn't resist tempting the little lady devil inside her to show. My first thought was it would be a great pic for Halloween which she does celebrate back in her hometown in Canada.

Amy had the foresight and creativity to mock up her Wilna Apron which Wilna signed. Oh the envy around our table. 10 out of 10 Amy.

I can't wait to start scrapping these pics. I asked Wilna to sign as special Polaroid frame which I'm about to use to create a LO based on meeting her.

Our fun loving table crew. These guys are da bomb and always good for a laugh.

Ready, set, create.... with these beautiful souls. My love to all of them, they gave me courage this year even though they didn't know it at the time.


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