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Sunday, August 7, 2011

lord howe - day 2

The alarm went off at 6.45 to get us under way to the Airport in time. Sharon drove us there on her way to her daughter's (disgustingly) early netball match.

While checking in we learnt of the new Qantas Rule. 1 x bag ONLY. 23 kgs or get done for excess luggage. We are lucky enough that I had booked our trip before the rule came into play. I immediately thought of my scrapping friends who may fly in for the E2C retreats. This new bag limit will impact greatly on what stash they will be able to bring in. And I also thought about my future photography trips I have planned. I will need to rethink how I pack the tripod, as currently it travels in its own well padded bag and goes as top load only luggage.

I had a bit of a snooze on our flight to Sydney. And took a cloud shot or two  :O)

When we disembarked in Terminal 2 in Sydney, I was amazed at how deserted it was. It seemed like a purpose built terminal just for Qantas.

I have heard a lot about Krispy Kremes from Gina and Leonie, so I was very keen to sample one for the very first time. I walked up to the counter and told the fella that I was a Krispy Kreme virgin. He gave me a big smile, handed me a Glazed one and told me to enjoy the experience, it's on the house. Wow. What a nice bloke. And yes, they are yummy, but I don't think I'd buy a box full.  ;o)

While waiting for our connecting flight, we watch the baggage handlers load the luggage onto the plane we were about to fly one. They were awful. I was so disgusted at their "don't give a shit" attitude as bags dropped on the ground, an Air Express Parcel fell off the cart as it was being driven over to the plane. They obviously weren't aware that we could see them. All of the passengers could see them. When I was asked to put my camera bag on as priority hand baggage (tagged, put in the hold and comes out first at the other end of the flight at the stairs), I flatly refused. No way was I handing over my expensive gear to those monkeys. And as it happens it fitted perfectly under the seat in front of me. So all was cool.

On take off I managed to get a quick shot of the Opera House and the Bridge. It was a tricky angle from the plane. And during the flight a lady on the other side of the plane spotted a whale.

We've brought Bob with us. Bob is a doll that Annie gave Kym a number of years ago to keep him company on his trips away shooting in the SA team. Kym made a point of sending home a photo a day with his mobile phone, with Bob in the shot to show Annie that Bob was doing a good job of looking after Annie's Dad. BTW, Bob is a lady doll.  :O)

We landed and were warmly greeted by the people of Lorihiti Apartments. The island is a truly wonderful place of trust. Doors are left unlocked, the honestly system applies, and goods are left on the doorstep for owners to find whenever they get back from their day.

We've hired a car while we are here. Not the norm. Bikes are the go here, but to get me and my gear around, I choose the car. I'm very pleased I did. I can get to one spot to the next reasonably easily. But not quickly. The speed limit for the whole island is 25kms per hour and there is only 13kms of road. And the seatbelts are rigged so you can't use them. Gotta love that!!!!

There is no mobile phone reception here.

The evening colours of Mounts Lidgebird (left) and Gower.

Windsurfer in the last ray of light on the Lagoon.

Sunset over the Lagoon from Lagoon Beach

LHI jetty in the very last light of day. A supply ship comes from Sydney once a fortnight. People have their groceries sent from shopping online at Woolies.

I shot a few images and then we headed out for tea at Humpty Mick's Cafe. Lorhiti took us and 2 other couples to the Cafe, and as per Island Custom, the Cafe staff return the dinner guests back to their accommodation. How cool is that!! So I had an extra wine!!.

I rang the kids from the pay phone by the Cafe. It sounds like they are happy and are having a good time with Grandpa and Grandma for the weekend. And that made me feel better.

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Kylie Shepperd said...

Oh wow Tiff, how exciting for both of you ! It looks like a beautiful place, enjoy your break ! :)