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Monday, August 8, 2011

lord howe day 3


I was awake and up before my early morning phone alarm this morning. And just as well. I had forgotten to forward the phone clock forward the extra 30mins onwards from NSW time. Lord Howe is one hour in front of SA.

I headed out to Blinky Beach to capture the sunrise. Its was a bit of a non event, and as I climbed up from the beach I could see the North Western Clouds were lighting up. But I had to head back to Lorhiti to join Kym for breakfast. After all, this is not just a photography trip for me. :O)

After breakie, Kym headed off to hire a bike and pedal for a bit, while I slept for an hour. I needed it, as I was up to 1am blogging and finishing off yesterday's photos.  ;O)

By the time he was back the Island Museum was open, so we headed there to get a bit of history of the place. There is a lot of aerial history here as it was the aquaplanes that really allowed the island to develop, before the building of the current airstrip.

From the museum I headed down to the beach to catch the Qantas flight coming in. The runway was built partly on reclaimed land from the beach, so it could be long enough to accommodate the Dash 8 aircraft.


Pano of the Southern End of Lord Howe Island

From there we headed to the local kayak hire place and paddled our way out to Rabbit Island in the middle of the lagoon. We climbed the small hill to the very recently replaced windsock post. (only re-erected last weekend. It's been about 30 years since a windsock last flew on that small land mass)

shot with GoPro, very generously on lend from Ann Clarke, with chest harness very kindly on lend from Gina Baj. Where would I be without friends.

There was an incoming storm and the cloud and skyline was really impressive. Pete Dobre would have P.O'd (photographic orgasmed). We paddled back in the light rain which was rather lovely. I have absolutely zero talent with kayaking. I made a lot of splashing and flashing of paddle blades without a lot of forward movement. Kym, on the other hand, rowed for Prince's for 3 years, so he just glided through the water with a minimum of effort. I took out the GoPro camera and took some vision of Kym on his board, both underwater and above water filming. That little camera is so cool.

I had an unexpected dip in the ocean, and just as well the GoPro was turned off at that point, so it didn't record my spill and squeal as I went in. As soon as I was up, I just pissed myself laughing. It would have been bloody funny from Kym's POV. No waves, no wind and I still managed to fall in. What a crack up.

By now the rain had settled in for awhile, so we headed back to the apartment. I showered and warmed up, and we watched a DVD until the rain cleared.

When the skies cleared, Kym headed off on his bike to gather his lunch supplies for his fishing charter tomorrow, and I headed out to catch some late afternoon shutter action.


Mount Lidgbird and a local resident.

One of the scenic spots on the golf course.

(show kevie this one Janice. He would love this course)

sunset at one of the beaches along Lagoon Rd.

It was glorious. It's dark here by 6pm at the moment so Kym and I have plenty of time to head out to dinner every evening. We headed to the Golf Club tonight for the best pizzas I have EVER had. I had a Margarita with chicken and pineapple. Divine.

A few drinks later and we were back at the apartment and chilling out.
Cya tomorrow

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janice said...

HI Tiff, sounds like you are having a blast...... hard not too I suppose in that gorgeous location.
Loving all your photos, and I will mention the golf course to Kevin.... you never know!!!!!!
Happy Anniversary..... enjoy. x