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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lord Howe Island - here we come

Kym and I have our 10th Anniversary this year and so do close friends of ours. When K mentioned the idea of "I'll have your kids and you have my kids so we both can get away for it", I was estatic. Kym and I have never been away alone together since I had our children.

So with a bit of brain storming and we both happened to watch the same travel program on TV (rare for me to watch TV at all) we settled on Lord Howe Island.

Image courtesy of http://daebakyeah.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/0lord-howe-island.jpg

The kids are spending time with their Grandparents and then with K and S until we return.

Today it's just starting to sink into my head that we will be away on our trip very soon, so I better start getting my stuff together. Of course the camera and tripod are coming!!! There are just about permanent attachments these days.
Kym's going out on an all day fishing charter, and that's the day I'll really get out there with the camera. I hope to hike MT Gower which is an 8 hr guided climb, with my camera day pack. Not sure about the tripod. I should take it, but it's going to be cumbersome.

This link will give you some idea of what I hope to capture.

I've borrowed a GoPro extreme sports video/stills camera which I'm taking when we snorkel the reef lined lagoon and fish feeding. Might even pop it on Kym for a bit lol. He's keen to scuba dive, which he hasn't done for years.

The weather there this week has been divine, and next week looks like it could be showering off and on. COOL. I like a bit of action in the sky.

Sooooo..... I better go and get my clobber organised, and the kid's sports bags, school bags, mustn't forget Annie's Jazz Dance bag.... oooh the list goes on and on.  lol.



sandra said...

jealous ;-)

Fiona Davis said...

Sounds great Tiff. have you ever thought about one of those hiking sticks come tripods. Probably not as good as the real thing but may help get some great shots.

:) Tiff said...

no I hadn't Fiona. its's a good idea, but a bit late to get one now. :(

could be handy when I head down the great ocean road on a photography tour next Feb.

thanks for that.!!