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Friday, July 13, 2012

harvest time

LO no 6 from the WWWW weekend. Many thanks Mel for the Tied Wheat stencil. Had a bit of fun with the Silhouette Cameo with this one. Even worked out perfect placement with my cutting (zzz in the photo)

School holiday wrap up.

We've had a 2 week break stuffed full of fun stuff for the kids and us. Love the holidays. The lack of routine, lack of sporting commitments (gymnastics, gym for me, dance for both the kids), the sleepins, and the pj mornings. Even Kym wound back a cog or two and was around a lot more having family time.

So what did we do. Kids had Xroads on the last day of school. I had the WWWW scrap weekend away in Wudinna. Fantastic creative time with like minded ladies up there. The kids went Clay Target shooting with Kym.  I took the kids to Lincoln for the day and Annie's orthodontist appointment. Caught up with Ann at Del Gernios for Coffee and Cake. We had tea with my Grandfather in Lincoln on another night. I took him out to a stable party on another night (we have mutual horsey friends). This stable has a swanky pizza oven. Over 4 hours 7 pizzas were cooked up. Some very gourmet, some not (mine wasn't gourmet at all, just good ol' Ham cheese pineapple with Sweet chilli Sauce and wilted Oregano.)  I took Annie with me Scrapbooking last Thursday night. Kym took the kids to Glen Forrest Animal Park for a Birthday Party while I was doing a photographic presentation to the Residents of Miroma Place. Annie played Netball at Ungarra. We had a 24hour Flatus competition. We went Whale Watching at Sleaford and saw 4 Southern Right Whales play around. The Modra's joined us for Whale Watching on Monday morning before our own Monday Movie Marathon. We watched Brave and Ice Age 4. We had a couple of home days (phewwww). I've photographed black faced lambs. awwww.  I've been scrapping away, both for me and for Scrap Therapy. here and here. I went Scrapping last night, another home day before visitors in the afternoon today.
Netball for Annie on Saturday. I'm not sure what Sunday and Monday hold for us yet before the kids head back to School on Tuesday.

I'll miss the holiday when they go back  :-(

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SueP said...

You have been having some fun with the silhouette Tiff!! Like the dimension of the wheat stalks...very effective!