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Sunday, July 8, 2012


wild women's weekend in wudinna.

At the e2c there was talk between 3 tables of a get together later this year. You know how it is??? Easy to say, easy to not do.

Not only did the Wudinna girls pull together and pull it off, it was fantastic.

There are a lot of Wudinna ladies with very young families that just can't get to a retreat down this way, so Marilyn and Mel organised a Wudinna weekend for them. The Senior Citz was chosen as the venue for its facilities (full kitchen and reverse cycle aircon) as well as great lighting and plenty of trestles and chairs. It was the perfect choice.

Shabby Chic Shack took the shop up and a few of the Lock girls travelled too. That left only 4 chairs at the scrap table left for myself and 3 from Lincoln.

The weekend wasn't any secret, but it wasn't broadcasted out there either. Marilyn and Mel would have been in an awful position to say no to 50 ladies all wanting to scrap, when there were only 4 seats left in the first place. It wasn't exclusive or a shut shop, but they had to be a bit practical about the whole thing. Keeping it small meant keeping it simple. And fun for them. It's as simple as that.

Denise met me at home to pop her gear in the car, and park hers in my car shed. We were packed to the eyebrows as I had my swag, the office chair, the sack truck, the Cameo, the sewing machine, the camera bag with tripod, the laptop, the eski, and the scrap stash (hence the sacktruck)

Amy and Gina met us in town after stocking up the eski.
Love my sixpack  :OP

In no time we were at Wudinna and we stopped at the Farmer's Statue for a quick shutter session. (Photos of that to come). Unload the gear and by 2pm Friday we were scrapping.
Beverage of Choice

Tea at the local pub that night. Nom Nom Nom.

lots of scapping done to the wee hours. Gina, Amy, Denise and I swagged it in the Citz rooms so we could scrap till we dropped

No early risers on Saturday.
Morning sustenance with Amy

Cold damp morning gave way to a winters sun afternoon. But the aircon heating never turned off.

Mel and I headed out after the catered tea to shoot the Farmer's Statue under lights at night. A few more wines under the belt to warm up when we came back. And more scrapping to the wee hours.

Sunday saw another non early riser start. More and more scrapping done.

Lots of laughs and haws haws haws and I LURVE it memories. The Cameo got a good work out, (thanks Gina for the help)

Marilyn's colourful stash section

Enormous thanks to Marilyn and Mel who organised the whole shebang, to the Wudinna crew for the 'sangers and soup lunches'  They was sooooo yum

Friendships Concreted and I LUUUUURVED IT!!!!

The only blight has been sour grapes by someone who felt excluded, which was not the case at all. She blames me, even tho I was not an organiser. Just an instigator. Hopefully she has moved on from her school yard antics. Not one person involved at the retreat was impressed with her at all, nor those that I have spoken to since, and that's a just a bit sad.


amanda hall said...

If this is me that you are referring to then i'm sorry you have gotten the wrong idea.

I have well and truly 'moved on'… in fact i've been too busy to think about it at all apart from thinking that i am glad it was such a success.

It's just bizarre that you keep bringing it up again and again in email and now blog form. I don't understand it at all actually.

I've said it numerous times - i welcome any retreats/scrap weekends here on the EP. Any excuse stoke those creative juices is fantastic. It's a great thing to do for any community / group of ladies and i am really pleased this went off so well. It's a credit to the girls who did organised it that it was so popular. Well done.

Sorry you felt the need to 'blight' your happy post with a personal attack in the last paragraph.

Tiff Firth said...

not a personal attack and left it as anonymous. Now that you've named yourself its in the open.

A fact is a fact and I don't hide from them. So thanks for outing yourself.