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Monday, February 4, 2013


Sandy is the latest member to the Firth menagerie. It took the kids and I quite a long time to warm Kym to the idea of a cat around the farm. And he's only lukewarm at best ;-). In the end the kids and I just went ahead and organised to pick up this kitten after we got back from our Summer Holidays. By this time she was 4 months old and just so loveable.

For those that know our vehicles, Kym and I both have 'a good cat is a flat cat' sticker on the windscreens. May I say here that this is Kym's belief. Not mine. In fact when we married, Kym married me and a cat (Ernie Dingo). The main reason for me to have the sticker on the windscreen was so I could find my vehicle at the Cleve Field Days carpark (having past experience in losing it before).

I've been wanting to shoot/trap a feral black cat that has been hanging around here for some time. Our neighbours found one on our mutual boundary so I think I might have given enough of a taste of lead to get rid of him. Yay. And last week I spotted a stripy dark grey and white feral. I'm pretty sure I saw it today on the side of the road not far from our gate, quite deceased. Double yay.

We will get Sandy desexed as soon as she's 6 months as kittens would just do Kym's head in. Meanwhile, she's already slotted her way into the kids and my heart.

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