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Sunday, March 31, 2013

a wonderful moment.

LO no. 7 from the retreat. This one was started with the cloud background and chalk on the Swiss Dot Bassil. I then finished it at home. Loosely inspired by Ebony Van Der Starre's LO that she taught at the retreat.

This one did cause me a little angst...... when I stuck my finger under the needle of the sewing machine. Ouchies. I ran to the sink and called for Kym to pull out the needle that had broken off from the machine and impaled itself on my finger. Fortunately it slanted through the top of my finger and missed any important bits. And yes, it did go straight thru.

The photo on this LO was taken at the top of North Block after the Retreat in 2010. From L-R there is me, Kylie and her daughter, Lou, Maryanne and Jaki.


Janice Nicholls said...

Clever, creative and a cracker layout Tiff...lovin the cloud background. :)

SueP said...

Love all the bright happy colours on this one Tiff, and those clouds!! What a great view you have from the top ey??!!