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Saturday, March 9, 2013

sports day 2013

What a humid day it was. Thank goodness the sun was behind the clouds for much of the day. If that was out, it would have been horrid.

As it was, you just sweated standing there watching the kids compete, let alone run around doing what they were doing.

I was shooting photos for Sean's class as requested by his teacher before I focused on Annie for the rest of the her day.

Sean cleared all three rounds of the high jump. Little jumping bean. :)

Annie punched the air as she took the tape in her 100m heat. So glad I caught this moment for her.

The day was very nearly finished when quite a dark and loud thunderstorm started looking ominously close. Kids were dismissed and the results of the day will be announced on Tuesday at school.

The storm slipped to the east of Cummins, but did cause flash flooding alert on the CFS website. And another callout down near White Flat.

I took this shot on the iPhone and popped it up on Facebook. It was shared straight to ABC Eyre Peninsula within minutes. We certainly do live in the age of now.

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