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Monday, March 11, 2013

the yellow door and the beach

I had a great evening last Friday night for a family photoshoot. Warm and gentle light. Perfect.

These are just a small sample of what I've been working through. I'll be adding more as I process them on my Tiff Firth Photography page. Look for the yellow door and the beach album.

SOOC. no editing required. 
As soon as I saw this on the back of the camera I had a PO. (photographic orgasm). I sucked in a big breath and took a step back. I looked at the Mum (up on Jetty) and said 'wow. I just got the shot of the day. It's a PO!' I then had to explain to her what a PO was. ;)

Playing with the light.

'they whip their hair back and forth'.    SOOC (straight out of camera). no editing required.

As soon as I had this shot in camera, I just knew it was such a winner. I love it.

showing me her 'star' shape in the yellow doorway.

A bit of backstory with this one. Her sister wanted to take a photo, so I put the settings on what I needed and holding the camera, she looked thru the viewfinder and pressed the shutter. I really should put her name as the watermark, but then that would be telling who the family was lol. I don't tag or name people in my family shoots. They can if they wish to, that's their choice.

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