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Friday, August 2, 2013

New Zealand - day 1 2.8.2013

We started the day as we would any other Friday. Up in time for the kids to catch the bus for school.  I was trying to keep the kids in as much routine as I could so they wouldn't bounce off the walls.

I was getting a bit of a stress headache a few days ago about what to pack and what not to pack. In the end I went and had a good look at the apartment we will be staying in to see exactly what facilities I will have on hand. To discover that it’s completely self-contained was a breath of relief.  So I stared packing with the principle of 3 in mind. Wear one, wash one, dry one. That saved me from packing so much crap.

Each of our rollie suitcases came in under 12 kilos.  Pretty damn chuffed with that, considering there are heavy weight clothes in there.

I've also swapped over to a slingshot camera bag for this trip. This bag makes it possible to slip it from my back to my front to retrieve a camera/lens without having to put the bag down in the snow. I took a big breath and only put three lenses in the slingshot too. And the Speed-light, filters, batteries, spare cards and cleaning kit. The bag feels so light compared to my full pack. But I did slip a couple of other lenses into my suitcase. I've also left the big Bertha tripod home and popped in the skanky lightweight one that I started with a few years ago. It will serve itself well on this trip being lighter and more compact.

This trip is a family trip and not so much a photography trip for me. So with that in mind, I spent some time with Emma Pedler of ABC Eyre Peninsula, to get some advice and knowledge of shooting bite size pieces of video and sound to edit into a home movie after we get back. Between my camera, the iPhone, and the GoPro we will have plenty of 5 second bites to pull together.

As an intro for our trip I had all of us show our excitement just before we left. One take and it was done. This is in it's Raw state, unedited and in need of a bit of polish but its the excitement for the kids that's important. 

I nearly stuffed up the whole trip from the beginning by thinking we needed to be at the airport an hour later than we should have been there. Luckily Kym figure that one out and we were off in time and with time to spare.

(horrid iphone pic on the run) but it has recorded a moment.

We are staying in Adelaide tonight to catch the 6am flight to Melbourne before clearing customs on our way to Queenstown. We walked down to the Watermark Bistro in Glenelg for tea.

Sarah and Doobie took the trouble to call in to see us, wish us an awesome trip and to share their snow goggles with us. It’s those little things that make me truly thankful for the wonderful people in our lives.
I better hit the sack as the alarm is set for 4am to be at the airport by 5am.


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