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Friday, August 16, 2013

the rig

I've made the decision to continue with golf as I'm enjoying it so much and it was time to commit to it with my own gear. I've been very fortunate to have been able to borrow everything to get started and to see if I was really that keen. The buggy, the bag, the sticks, the big Bertha driver, and the putter were all on lend. Even the first tee that I hit from was given to me as I had the wrong sized ones.

I had the chance to zip into Drummond Golf Store on Monday while in Adelaide. Never thought I'd be drooling in a golf shop, but there you go, I did.

I've now my own putter and my own bag. Its a Birdies and Eagles St Andrew's bag (swoon). I bought the blue one as it matched my sticks which I've been using and I'm now buying from the golfer who lent them to me. I've had the Smoothie Mark II buggy for a little while now.

The bag had a bit of a wayward time getting here. It was supposed to be delivered to Stateliner in Port Lincoln so a wonderful friend could pick it up on my behalf. It should have been there Tuesday morning. But no it wasn't. Nor Wednesday. I made the call to Drummond to enquire about it and was assured that yes, it had left Stateliner on Monday night. So where was it??? No one had a clue. Thursday came. Still not in Lincoln. So another call was made and they make a number of calls to Stateliner. And it was found. In Cleve. It finally it made its way to Cummins and I had it in my hot little hands. As to how it came to be in Cleve instead of Port Lincoln and why it was delivered eventually in Cummins, I've not the faintest idea. But its here.

So I cleaned out the old bag and transferred things over. Of course I had to get a quick shot of my pride and joy.

Now to break that handicap. No excuses now hahahaha

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SueP said...

woohoo!! off you go Tiff!! and you have scrapped it already!! Back into it quickly!! Good one!