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Sunday, August 25, 2013

pt lincoln gym comp august 2013

I can't begin to say just how proud I am of Sean at the Pt Lincoln Gym Comp a couple of weekends ago. I haven't blogged it as I was waiting on the official results which only came on line a few days ago.

MAG (Men's Artistic Gymnast) apparatuses are scored out of 10 and there were 12 competing in MAG Level 1.

HBar     8.8   2nd
Floor     8.8   4th.
Pommel 8.8   5th
PBars    8.8   5th
Rings     8.9   8th
Vault     8.8   11th

Overall score of 52.9 out of 60

To see his face light up as he was awarded his medallion for 2nd on Bars was just awesome for me. And I just about welled up with tears when he held the trophy for coming Third overall. Coming third was such a buzz for him and has installed so much more confidence in himself. He's red hot keen to go the Pirie comp now :)

It's his very first 'trophy' and so it means an awful lot to him. At home we have made a new spot on the side board for his trophy and the ones Annie has won at Gym over the years. They both want to see them while they sit at the table.

I've even spotted him giving his a bit of a polish.


June Mahoney said...

So nice to see Sean doing well at gym,guess it helps his asthma well done happy for the proud Mum
Regards June

Janice Nicholls said...

Congratulations Sean....you little CHAMP. :)