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Monday, August 5, 2013

New Zealand Day 4 5.8.2013

Our second day on the ski slopes. As soon as we hit the top of the magic carpet (people mover on the rise from the carpark up to the Lodge and the beginner slopes) Sean clicked on his skis and he was off down the slope without a single care in the world. He looks so damn confident and pretty darn cute.

The kids had graduated up level 2 ski school after yesterday so today was a whole lot of new learning. Turning, weight bearing on the outside leg to turn in the opposite direction, bigger slope and more speed. Sean ate it up, Annie not quite so much. But they both passed level 2 to be a high 2a. They both need to have passed level 3 before they can go up the chair lift with Kym to ski on some of the slopes up the mountain. Sean is chomping on the bit. Annie not quite so much.

Kym was up on the slopes while the kids were learning their thing this morning. I stood off on the sides to photograph and video the kids.

Once they finished their lessons, Sean and Kym were back on the beginner slope while Annie made a snowman and a snow boob. Funny thing.  When Sean had a spell from skiing they both got stuck into making a mutant snowball. We brought Bob the Doll out on the slopes today to get into the action. So Bob took pride of place on the snowball.

I booked the kids into Tubing this afternoon. They ‘loved’ it. They both had the GoPro on their heads shooting vision of what its like from their POV.  Bob went for a ride too.

By the time their hour was up it was time to collect our gear from storage and head to the bus.
Kym and I made the decision yesterday to break up our 4 days on the slopes to 2 days on, a day off and then 2 more days on. Tomorrow we are heading to Milford Sound by bus which we catch by 7.15am. We get back about 7.30pm tomorrow night so it will be a long day, but a day the kids can rest their legs.

Early night for me.  I’m bushed.

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