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Saturday, September 4, 2010

the birthday party

Annie turns 8 next week and with Kym being away then we had her  Birthday party today.

Plan A was to have it out at Koppio Smithy Museum. I was there a couple of weekends ago for a Camera Club walk and my kids loved it. They have a new function room there now and can assist with Birthday bookings. Annie had me booking her show there, not that I need much encouraging lol.

Mother Nature had other ideas. With a constant deluge of rain today made our already soaked soils, totally saturated. It was just not worth the drive out there on those dirt roads. (I should know as that is right where I went off the road only a couple of months ago.) And I don't need someone having an accident because of our party out there, on my conscious.

Plan B kicked into gear about an hour before the school finished for the day. Thank goodness our local bakery '5 Loaves Bakery' were able to accommodate some 15 odd kids and parents with very little notice. 

The big Treasure Hunt that I had planned became prizes for games instead. 

Thank you to all Annie's friends. You are all fantastic people.

Thank you to the Bakery for being so wonderful.

Thank you to Sandra for taking my camera in hand and donning the paparazzi hat  :o)

Thank you to all the parents for agreeing that not going to Koppio today was the most excellent idea.

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Kirsty said...

This looks and sounds as if it was a FABULOUS plan B :) Happy birthday to your gorgeous princess!