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Monday, September 20, 2010

gym medal presentations

Nothing very exciting about this one. This is the first page of a 4 page LO. The rest of them have Annie's level requirements (3 of them) and the 3 certificates.

Have had a bonza couple of days. I had a family come out to the farm for their spring photo shoot. I'm working on them atm and I'm really happy with what I'm seeing.

I had a Camera Club trip out to Boston Island today. It was such an eye opener to what's been done and the future plans for out there. Photos to be looked at when I get a chance.

I have another family coming out for their spring photo shoot on Wednesday. Looking forward to that one!!!!

Camera Club Monday night week, and I need to get those shots ready for that. Then there's the Cummins Show sneaking up as well as the local Photography Exhibition. I do hope the local snappers rally and support this one to assist a Year 12 Art student do well with her subject requirements. If I've emailed you about this its because I know you can take a half decent shot and hoped that you would submit them for public viewing.

So I'm up to my eyeballs in photography and not scrapping for a while. sigh..... I wish I could balance the two better, but I do need to sleep at some stage during the night lol.

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