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Monday, September 6, 2010

All the Waters Run

When it rains, the creeks run. When the creeks run, the waterfalls run. 

With permission from the landowner I went for a hike in the hills this morning. Complete with purple rain boots. ;o)

This creek has 3 levels of waterfalls. The first image in the top waterfall, the middle one is the middle photo and the bottom one is the biggie. It would have been absolutely thundering on Saturday. To put the size in context the waterfall is about as big as the tip of the roof-line of your house.


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous motion blur shots! I love the third one the best - that water is coming straight at you! Did you happen to be "in the creek" when you took it? Don't those purple boots leak??? Signed "you know who" lol ;-)

:) Tiff said...

pmsl. I invested in some new purple boots. Lucky me, purple is still in season!!! I was perching perilously on a rock with the tripod right on the edge. Had to get over the creek to get there tho. That was a bit of a comedy lol.

maryanne said...

some pretty amazing shots there tiff.

Tanya said...

That's cool, that's REALLY cool! I love the blur! I take it you have your filters?!

Goodstuff - can't wait to vote on those in CC.

sandra said...

just amazing Tiff.
you clever girl!