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Saturday, September 11, 2010

today she is 8

At 3.10pm 8 years ago this young lady was born.

This was back in the dark ages before we went digital. All my film photos have long been scrapped. But I did borrow the School Library Digi Camera for the weekend to get our first family shots. This is one of them. Annie was born with hip displaysia otherwise known as clicky hips in her right side. She was in a hip brace for 10 weeks to correct this and it was off when she was 12 weeks old. (Made nappy changes a breeze)  :O)

Eight years later she has grown into a very polite, caring, considerate young lady. 

I'm so very proud of my first born.


miasmummy said...

Happy Birthday Annie, Tiff you don't look a day older at all from when she was born!!! WOW!! Lucky you! And she looks a beautiful little girl too! xxx

janice said...

Happy Birthday Annie, hope you had a great day.

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Annie. Hope you had a great day!!
and Yes Tiff you dont look a day older than when she was born. Love the Annie's PJs - to cute!