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Sunday, July 21, 2013

conceptual photography

I'm not long home from a Full Spectrum weekend workshop in Port Lincoln on Conceptual Photography. It was organized by Arts SA with two lecturers from Adelaide.

To give a definition of Conceptual Photography this is what was given to the 19 participants: Conceptual Photography intends to convey an idea or concept to the viewer, rejecting the creation and/or appreciation of traditional objects.

To me it meant the license to bastardise what would normally be a traditional view in a photograph. It was also shown as a way to create a self portrait in a way that you would have not normally thought of.  We had an overnight assignment to shoot a conceptual image and bring it back for soft critique.

I latched onto the idea of a self portrait so with limited resources as I was in Lincoln overnight, this is what I finished with.

My necklace represents all the important people in my life. They are clear and crisp, giving them priority in the image therefore in my life. The camera being out of focus lends itself to my other passion, but is of a secondary nature.  The bright bold background represents my personality. Happy, positive, bright, glass half full kind of girl.

The workshop was a bit on the arty farty side for me. I found it a bit of fluff and nonsense, but it did get me thinking a bit about being bit more random in my shots. More about giving myself artistic license to not being a sheep and one of the mob. IYKWIM

Laura and I stayed at the YHA in Lincoln just for a lark. I've always wanted to go in for a sticky beak but have been gutless to do it on my own. So as we both stayed in Lincoln we stayed there together.

What a most impressive place. They can sleep up to 70 people. We had a room with reverse cycle air conditioning, and believe me, with this weekend being only 10-12 degrees, it was on the heat cycle. We had our own bathroom too. Much cheaper than a hotel!!  Everything is spotless, and clean clean clean. The people who run the hostel, own the hostel. She is often referred to as Mum, and she really revels in it.  They both have great fresh new ideas for the future too.

 I would have absolutely zero qualms about staying there again. In fact there was a family of 6 staying there atm.

So with Laura's and my conceptual ideas in the bag we started playing with Bruce.

Lots of laughing was to be had.

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