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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Layout number 8 from WWWW.

I had zero planning/organising done before this weekend away. I just had crazy times happening and it was all I could do to clear my desk of photography commitments, before even thinking about scrappy stuff.

So, I was a bit amazed that I actually achieved as many layouts as I did. And I love them all. Usually on weekends away scrapping, some layouts I feel a bit so so about. Don't absolutely love them, but its done - move on. 

For this particular weekend I took up our newly acquired multifunction centre so I could print out my journaling. It meant that the home office had to do without a fax machine for a day, but meh, I 'needed' it.  hehehehehe.  I don't think Kym even noticed it not being on the office table. 

Having the ability to print right there, right then, as I needed it, was awesome.

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