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Saturday, July 27, 2013

he plays!

Today was a milestone for Sean. He had his first ever game of footy. United Yeelanna were a few players short so he was able to fill in for them. 

I can tell you he was so nervous. He was thinking he was going to get hurt and didn't really know what to expect out there on the oval. Footy practise is a bit different than the real thing.

So much swelling of my heart and butterflies churning in his and my tummies, he ran out with the team. 

And he surprised me. He surprised me a lot. He was either on the ball, under the pack of kids on the ground or chasing the player with the ball as fast as he could. He wasn't tentative at all. And when the ball wasn't down his way, he was mucking around with a couple of his mates who were also filling in the blue and yellow guernseys for the day.

I have an absolute cracker of a shot with him and the football, but you do see other players, so I won't show it here. But I did catch this one of him on the oval.

His persistence to get involved with the ball didn't go unnoticed by our coach and Sean was awarded the Mars Bar incentive. He inhaled that within a minute.  He ended up with the compulsory muddy knees and a few bruises to show his Dad. We are so very proud of him today.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just love it when they enjoy their sport, especially right from the very first game! Well done to Mum for surviving as well! Jo