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Friday, November 15, 2013

gym 2013

Sean's gym year finished tonight with the end of season windup. His level were all presented their trophies for their efforts. He's had such a year of growth in confidence and physical strength. Competing in two competitions and the extra training involved with that has been such a boost for him. Well done my boy. Well done.

My year as coach is far from finished. I'm picking up my MAG level 1 coaches ticket. That Mens Artistic Gymnast. So for me I've at least a day of study online, and a face to face training day in Adelaide either in the next few weeks or sometime early new year.  

Lol, like I have all the time in the world to do this. 

I'd like to follow the boys training more next year as that is where Sean is at, and be not so much with the girls.  But I don't want to leave any sessions short a coach, so its a bit tricky at present. What we really need as a club is for a parent or two to be willing to upskill themselves as coaches. They won't be on their own on the floor, but be able to assist more than just manning a station.

Fingers crossed that I can bring a parent along to Adelaide with me to train. (It'll be a good night out too hahaha)


Janice Nicholls said...

Big Congrats Sean.... you have done so well.
Good on you Tiff.....always thinking of others....and you always make time. Good luck with your MAG training, it will be really good to be able to help Sean and the other boys out more at competitions. xx

SueP said...

You have been busy girl!! Where do you fit it all in??!!

Love your new header photo too! :)