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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

stats as of November 2013

just been crunching some numbers out of curiosity.

  • 100 598 visitors to my blog (little whoo hoo here)
  • first blog post 11 June 2008 here
  • most hit blog post here (I've no idea why this one lol). That one has had 1380 hits so far.
  • 85 Blog Followers so far (care to 'follow me?' wink wink) badge on the left. :D
  • 299 Networked Followers so far. (care to 'follow this blog?' more wink wink) again badge on the left. :D
  • Follow me with Bloglovin 
  • 1881 Fans of Tiff Firth Photography on Facebook
  • 1431 friends with Tiff Firth on Facebook
  • 150+ photography clients in front of my lenses. Both Family, Commercial and Tourism.
  • 137 Scrapbooking Layouts either published or commissioned to be published.
  • Published in Creative Paper, Scrapbook Trends (UK), Scrap 365, Scrapbooking Memories, Scrapbook Creations, Creating Keepsakes. 
  • On Instagram
  • On Pinterest. I really haven't done much with Pinterest other than viewing my photography clients boards that have pinned ideas for me to view. Brilliant visual cues of what the client would like from their shoot.

lol. No wonder I have not enough hours in my day.

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