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Saturday, June 7, 2014

coaching - my thoughts so far...

One more sleep. Just one more sleep and the big Lincoln Gym Comp day has arrived. And I'm so very excited.

Being the Cummins MAG (Mens Artistic Gymnast) coach is my first ever gig as a coach in my own right. I've studied, trained, been mentored and generally tried to soak up as much information as I could to help the 6 boys fly.

And fly they are. In fact last Sunday morning one of the boys rang me up to ask if we could do gym that day. He reallyreally made me feel pretty damn happy to hear him so keen and so want to be the best he can, and that he'd asked for extra training to get him there.  (of course I said yes). And yesterday (Friday),  I had a non compulsory training for those who wanted to come or choose to have a rest day. Four of the six trained. Man I was chuffed with them.

I was a bit out of my depth at the beginning of our 2014 gym season, and I made no bones about that. I've been to the Lincoln club as an assistant coach on the floor to watch, learn, ask my million questions, learn how to spot and mold the boys shape while on apparatus. I can't thank the Lincoln Club enough for their generosity and their help for the good of our sport.

Its been a very rewarding learning curve and I really didn't expect to feel so intensely how I'm feeling now. The boys have come such a long way and I'm just so hugely proud of them.  (insert very proud coach moment)

So tomorrow is the first comp with me as their coach. I can't wait.  And in 3 weeks I have four of the six boys in Adelaide at the Country Championships. That weekend will be huge for all of us. And I'm excited to be responsible for that.

Goooooooo Cummins.

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Jo Knappstein said...

hope all goes well, Tiff