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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


My last article for Scrapbooking Memories is about 'letting go'. Let the camera go into someone else's hands and letting go of inhibitions so you can be in front of the lens.

While I have tons of photos of the kids, I have precious few of me, or me with the kids. And that's really all my fault. I don't like being front of the camera so I haven't let it happen. 

Both Sean and Annie are showing an interest in the camera so they like to fire off a few shots when we are out and about. If I didn't let go of the camera, and trust them with it (it is bloody big and heavy in their hands), and let go of inhibitions, then I would never have this all time favourite photo of me taken by Sean.


miasmummy said...

Tiff that is a gorgeous photo, and a beautiful layout! I was bought up in front of the camera, Dad would always use the end of his rolls on us kids! I'm lucky that I have no inhibitions, so we have lots of photos of me with the kids (selfies) and although they might be blurry and fuzzy, they are good memories of me with the kiddies!! Keep letting the kids take more and more!! Especially all together!! x

Maryanne Ridgway said...

so so lucky you have learnt to "let go"while your kids are still young....I have so very very few photos of me with the boys, something I truly regret....
I love this layout, the colors are so fun and vibrant..just like you miss tiff