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Monday, June 9, 2014

port lincoln comp results

Gosh the Cummins boys shone. Each one of the boys had their own personal challenge with an apparatus while training. I can so proudly say that they met that challenge and conquered it.

I'm thinking of one boy who had found it difficult doing his back hip circle unless I spotted him. He nailed without me having to assist at all. Whooo hoooo.       And for another boy to move from the back hip circle with control into his underswing without letting go on the forward of the swing. He nailed it.         Another boy who found the pommel a challenge he finished it without his body collapsing due to bent elbows. His arms were ramrod straight.

One of the Mum's made me sook a bit as she was sooooo happy to see her son achieve when we spoke after.

I had our boys go to each judge after their rotations had finished to thank them. We were the only club that did that. I was a bit shocked at that, and pleased to see how chuffed the judges were to be acknowledged.  Manners cost nothing, but I bet those judges will remember the Cummins Club for being polite.  A bit sad to think this is an exception rather than the rule.

I've been really blessed to have started this coaching gig with 6 boys who really, really want to do their best. They burn to train. They burn to achieve and achieve they did. Both with personal goals and within their levels.

But the main thing I've taken away from this competition is the sense of fun the boys had. There was one club there and their boys were robots, didn't seem to be enjoying the experience, never smiled. Little machines. That's fine for them, but that's not my ethos. I want our boys to work hard but enjoy their day.  Their parent's had big smiles because their boy's smiles were so big. Win/Win.

I'm really chuffed how Sean went.  He's improved a lot on his vault as that has always been his weak point.  Overall he came 8th out of 11 so we are still in full training for the Adelaide comp at the end of this month.  Full training is 3 times a week.

As I was on the floor coaching, I didn't take my camera. But I do have photos coming at some point from other people.

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Jo Knappstein said...

well done to you and your boys, Tiff. So glad to see that you have enjoyment as the priority - sets everyone up for a great future, whatever they decide to carry on with