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Friday, June 20, 2014

no hoof, no horse

There's an old saying: "no hoof, no horse"

Over the last 6 weeks or so I've been struggling with my right foot. While at the Doctors for a bunch of other things (it was a long list of woe) I mentioned about my foot.

In the mornings it feels like a club. It feels like I can't stretch out the toes or the arch to walk properly. I keep wanting to massage the underside of my foot.  It feels kind of numb and just not right. By the arvo my toes are numb and my foot is on fire.  It's not actually hot to the touch but it feels like fire. (hard to explain unless you've had it)

An ultra sound confirmed Bursal Neuroma Complexes in two spots between my toes on the top of my foot. Basically the sheaths around the nerves are inflamed and swollen, thus constricting the nerve within the sheath. This explains the numbness, the fire and the club feeling.

One of my options was to see a Podiatrist, which I have done so. He recommended for me go up a size in the kids Asics Gel Sole Runners that I wear ( I have a small but wide foot) so now the shoes are basically too long, but wide enough. As there are no 1/2 sizes in kids runners, I've had to go up a whole size. I'm either a ladies 4 or now a kids 6 in runners. Try finding a ladies 4!!!!

This is step one. If I have no relief then I'm looking at orthotics. I have had them before as a kid and wore them until they were so thin they snapped.

I had the new runners for a week and was getting along really well with them. No fire, no numbness, no problems. Until Wednesday. I wore them to golf as I had worn them in for the week prior. By the time I putted the third hole, I ripped my shoes off. I've never felt my foot on fire like that. I paddled in the creek to cool the heat. I continued to play bare foot to finish the first nine holes.

Red hot fire. I couldn't get my mind on the game at all, and I was playing terribly. When my partner for the day asked if I wanted to stop and not play on after the first nine, I had to take a deep breath and say yes. Then I burst into tears. I felt so friggin weak. I don't give up easy and I always try my damnedest to keep going. I felt like I was putting her off her game as I was playing so shit. Her kindness took me off guard. If she hadn't suggested it, I wouldn't have stopped. Being too bloody minded.

A group of three golfers came up behind us broke into pairs with my partner, and off they went on to finish their second nine. I walked in the creek to cool my foot and searched for golf balls. Usually a ball in the creek stays there as you don't want to get wet shoes going in after it. (wet socks and walking 5kms or more isn't a good idea). And generally you don't have the time to get shoes and socks off and on to go in after it.

I was afraid that if I stubbornly pushed on, then I wouldn't be able to walk at all the next day. As it turned out, two days later and it hasn't settled overly much at all. Right now its on fire. I wore my Rossi Boots yesterday to see if a different pair of shoes would help. Nup. Even bare feet doesn't offer relief.

I guess I'm looking at step two now. Orthotics.

Right now my foot consumes my thoughts. I can't pretend to ignore it as it won't let me. I 'clump' around the house and catch myself continually trying to massage the numbness. And its on fire.

I don't mean this to be a pity post at all. It's more of a record for me to refer back to from a scrapbooking point of view. My blog is my virtual diary and I do refer back to it over and over again.

I hope no one that I know ever gets this. I feel so hamstrung, as I am normally have such a busy life. Right now I'm a ball of frustration.


Tanya said...

Hmmm. I understand and sympathise. I spent most of summer and nearly the whole of first term with my stupid rheumatoid arthritis causing issues with pain and swelling...

Tanya said...

Silly blogger I can't edit- also try michael chessman at west coast chiro. He fixed me again. Tuesdays and Wednesdays he's there.

Tiff Firth said...

thanks Tanya. Was going to catch up and ask about yours. cheers. x

Tanya said...

Also, get a proper fitting of your feet done. And don't skimp on any shoe. Not even dress shoes. I'm all flats now, and it made the difference.

Fran Solly said...

Sounds bloody awful Tiff, don't like hearing you not firing on all four. First your wrist/hand and now your foot. Hope it is all better soon. When you are mobile we should spend a day snapping!!