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Friday, August 14, 2015

elephant re-edit

I don't usually turn to BW in post production but I have returned to this image (my fave to date) for a re-edit. Dropping out the distraction of colour really enhances all the textures of the Bull Elephants' skin in all its glory!

Of all the diverse wildlife we saw on safari, it was the elephants who had me on our second day when our crew was in the elephant bunker below Victoria Falls Lodge, surrounded by 60 elephants.

I think it was the sense of family and the nurturing instinct the mothers have for their young. That really pulled my mothering feelings from deep within me. I wasn't nicknamed "Camp Mum" or "Mumma Bear" on my Africa trip for nothing smile emoticon
Victoria Falls Lodge Elephant Bunker, Hwange, Zimbabwe 3.7.2015

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