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Sunday, August 23, 2015

he blows me away

His wicked sense of humor amazes me. He has such a quick wit and loves nothing more than to make people laugh. Especially us.

He's a touchy feely soul. He loves a hug, a kiss, a rub in his hair. He in turn loves to give a big squeezy hug, a big squeaky smooch and he likes to hold my hand. I'm treasuring every moment of his touch because as he grows older they may not be so freely given.  I surely hope they are though.

When I came home from my Africa trip, I went straight to the school after I landed at the airport. It was lunchtime and all I wanted was to hug my kids.  I saw Sean run from a distance and he leapt at me for a hug. As soon as I felt those arms around my neck in a hug that lasted for the longest time, I knew I was home. I secretly think I needed that hug more than he needed mine.

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