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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

she blows me away

Annie loves to read. Really loves to read. On a recent trip away she took 4 books and download 4 ebooks to save space and weight in her bag. Her love of reading has really expanded her vocabulary and literacy beyond her years. This really reflects in her writing. She loves to write stories. She is several chapters into writing her own book. She also writes profound little paragraphs of wisdom.

Without any prompting she popped out a page of written goodness. This one just hooked my heart and stole my breathe away. I've written it here with her permission and in just the way she has it written.

I can't see my future
Many paths lay before me
I can let fate take its course
Or I can choose my own destiny.
To many people, I am just
another face in the crowd.
I could be that
or I could stand out.
I am worth nothing to the world
But I am worth something
to those I love.
I'll choose my own
And I'll choose my own

Dang. Where did she learn all that wisdom from??  She's only 13 next month and already she has a beautiful old soul.


Helen Wallace said...

Annie self reflection and analysis displays a wisdom beyond her years. Could it be, that she is not only nourished by books, but by those who nurture her and the country air? TFS Tiff.

Tiff Firth said...

Annie says "that's really nice Mum' when she read your comment Helen. Thank you for that.