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Monday, August 31, 2015

he drives


Some time ago my Mum had an accident in her car on the highway. While she was fine, her little car was not.

I had a phone call from a complete stranger who saw Mum go off the road and that lady reassured me that Mum was ok. Not even a scratch. I really believe in fate as this lady was a work place safety officer on a mine site and had extensive First Aid knowledge and she knew exactly how to handle Mum's shock and anxiety. She had organised a towtruck from Cowell to come pick up Mum's car from the side of the road and she had also rung Cleve Ambulance to have Mum checked out to make sure that she really was ok. Such was this lady's empathy for my Mum, that she even drove Mum up to Whyalla where Mum was originally going to attend to medical appointments. It was on that lady's way back to her workplace on a mine.

After I had spoken to that lady, I jumped in my ute, borrowed a car trailer, drove up to Cowell and left it there to pick up with Mum's car after I collected Mum from Whyalla and started making our way back home. I had several conversations with that lady during the day who rang to check that Mum was ok, and that I had collected her and her car.

That lady was my Mum's guardian angel that particular day. I even sent that lady a little guardian angel pin to say a big heartfelt thank you. 

Mum needed a vehicle to get around while her car was being assessed and subsequently written off (which was delayed as the owner of the crash repairer was away for 2 weeks), so she hired herself a car for a month. When she told me how much it was going to cost I just dropped my jaw. It was expensive. 

Kym had the brilliant idea of finding a little car for us to purchase for Mum to use until she had her own vehicle organised and then the kids could use it for a bus car.

Front story ...

So here is the bus car. The kids call it Baby Blue. And for the first time Sean drove it on his own. Kym and he had it all set without my knowing that Sean was even driving, let alone Kym leaving it at the bus stop for Sean to drive home. I had no clue until I started driving down to the bus stop at the bottom of our drive way, when Kym pulled me up. He indicated that he had it covered and I thought that he meant that he was driving Sean home. (Annie was at her job). 

Kym did let slip something that alerted me to go get the camera. So I did and I had it up in time to record his first solo voyage in Baby Blue.

There's goes my little 9 year old boy. He's officially a big 9 year old boy now. He drives .

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