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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

canola photo shoot

I had the most marvellous day today.

3 friends from Lincoln met me in Cummins and we headed up to Lock to Shabby Chic Shack for some retail therapy. Sean fell asleep in the car just as we got there and woke up just as we were about to leave. Perfect timing.

Annie had a bit of a ruggard night last night feeling fluey, hot and then cold. I gave her a tepid bath @ 3am as she was 39.c. She had a sleep in this morning and I took her to school just in time for her school photos. Her class was assembled for the group shot and she slipped in. 30 seconds later and we would have been too late.

Anyway she perked up and wanted to stay at school. Not expecting this at all, as I thought we would be coming back home again after the photos, I had to whiz home to make lunchboxes, grab her school bag and my tote bag.

As Annie was feeling so yuck, I had rung the Lincoln girls to cancel my going with them to Lock. When Annie said she was staying at school, that gave me the chance to head up to Lock after all. Fortunately Ronnie, Irene and Denise were still in Cummins and waited patiently for me to met them to all head up together. Thanks girls. I loved your company and time went so quick in the car.

I asked Kym to come home one night last week a bit earlier than usual so I could take some family photos of us together in the canola crop. Kym set up the park bench on sleepers to raise it a bit higher for me, so I could get the ranges in the background, I set up the tripod, made sure the remote was working and off we went.

Needless to say that the kids took over the remote and they took the pics. They felt so good about being in control of the button lol. If you have a good look in the pic of all of us you'll see the remote in Sean's hand. That's why he's looking so intently at the camera.

I'm hoping the Kindy does their calender fundraising drive this year and this will be the pic to go on it for 2010. I usually order 12, one for each family member on both sides of our families. Christmas shopping done!! No stress. It's got to the stage where the families expect the calender each year with a nice pic of the kids on it, and woe betide, if I don't produce one. lol. So I guess if the Kindy doesn't do them this year, I'll have to order them from elsewhere.

Thought these pics might brighten your day, it being so windy and grey outside.

I've been attempting to get pics of me and the kids together about once a month or so. I am certain that I will look back and be ever so grateful that I did make the effort.




maryanne r said...

sounds like fun tiff! any new goodies that you couldnt resist?
lovely shots in the canola, it sure is so pretty!and lol at sean with the remote, he does look very serious about his job!

SueP said...

i will try again....

Lovely shots Tiff with the canola!!.. it is such an easy backdrop and so specky!! I always love photos amongst the canola!!

Donna said...

Tiff your photo's are stunning!!, with the yellow in the background :)