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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yay. Finally submitted assignment 4 of the Photography course that I'm studying.

I am really learning HEAPS from this and gaining confidence in my camera day by day. What I love about this Diploma course is that I can fit it in to my lifestyle. Not fit me into its deadlines. I can have it done and dusted in 24 weeks flat (1 assignment every 2 weeks as you are not able to submit any quicker than that) or take up to a year to complete it. At this stage I have been submitting every 2 to 2.5 weeks. I haven't put any pressure on myself to get it done by a certain time or date. It will be done when its done.

-Tiff Firth Photography- has really found its own momentum. I did have 5 sessions booked this week, but I've had 2 families reschedule for different reasons. That's cool. I'm flexible.

Project N started yesterday with 2 locations and we have another day scheduled before I start processing. This has been a challenge with the subject and trying out different spots for shots. And I'm LOVIN it. So I cant show you this one yet. But I do already have some fantastic shots in the bag!!

I mowed the house yard today. I really enjoy the ride on mower and seeing a job well done. I do like the sunshine, straight lines and short grass - well they really are weeds. I did have a friend say that my house yard looks like a manicured lawn. I took that as a compliment. I don't dare let Kym mow. He would roar out there, mow his name in cursive and then put the mower away. Whilst I would have a laugh, it would tick me off. Even 9 months pregnant I was mowing, either the house yard or the lawn around our home with the good ol Victa. I reckon this is definitely a quirk of mine. What's yours????

hence not much scrapping done lately. I do have a LO on the desk that I am have been adding to.

The bees are a buzzing and the eucalyptus are starting to bloom. I do just love this time of year. Its so livable.


sandra said...

great shots Tiff.
lol at the lawn mowing...its the same here only in role reversal.
G insists on mowing the lawn.
sheesh just wish he would insist on doing the vacuuming too..(and the ironing.. and the dusting... and the washing lol)
great blossom shot.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am so excited I can hardly breathe!!! Just flicking thru this months CK and who is there in all their glory with a FULL page on 105? CONGRATULATIONS sweetie, it is soooooo hard to get into CK let alone a FULL PAGE and what a cute one at that, you go girl, sooooo exicted for you, Tiff xx.

Alison said...

Hi Tiff, its Alison yes I love to mow my lawn also, If I left it to Kelvin he would do a bloody awful job!!!. Just wondering where you are doing your photography course to because I wanted to do one but was told they dont do it in Port Lincoln. Just lovin your photos and your layouts at the moment you are one talented chick!
Thanks alison

alison said...

Hi Tiff.
Thanks very much. I know that you said you are really enjoying the course and it is something that I would love to do, there is a huge amount of pride when you take a great photo. I have bought alot of photography books to help me but do you think I would learn more from the course than I would from my books.Sorry for asking so many questions, by the way love the layout of Annie!
Thanks Alison

:) Tiff said...

Hey Alison. Give me a ring and we'll talk about it. I'm in the phone book under K & T Firth