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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pictorial recap

We have done lots of stuff in this last 7 days.

Last Saturday we went up North Block with the Sheppard's for a picnic and bubble blowing. The countryside is a patchwork of colour atm. The canola is in full flower and we had the most spectacular view.

Sunday for me was a photo shoot and then a scrap day at Scrapworkz in Lincoln.

Tuesday was a photo session. This one is currently a work in progress. Gym for Annie after school.

Wednesday I and some other Mums set up, packed up and ran Kindergym. Visitors for tea.

Thursday was a photo session followed by picking up Annie's guinea pig for her birthday. She turns 7 next month but the little GP was ready to leave its Mum now.
I did have a bit of a giggle to myself. I thought I'd make my way home from near Mitshan where I picked the GP up via the backtracks. And I had no idea where I was. I ended up on the bitumen north of Mt Hope instead of coming west thru Kapinnie. LOL. I rang Kym to ask for directions home once I had a glimmer of an idea where the hell I was. Nearly 130km round trip. So its a bit of a standing joke that anything that's lost around home atm must be near Kapinnie. Then I drove on down to Lincoln for my Thursday scrapnite.

Friday morning was the unveiling of Annie's surprise. We think the GP is a young lady (uneducated guesswork) and she was given the name of Milly Pilly Firth
(her name on the side of the guinea pig hutch.)

Another photo session and on to Playgroup.

Annie decided to play a trick on me at the bus stop that night. Rather than hop in the car she decided to walk home. Bag and all. It would be about 1.5km uphill stroll I guess. And she loved it. I ripped back home to grab the camera for some shots. She damn near giggled all the way.

Today was supposed to be a crappy windy day. Mr Weatherman sure got that wrong. It was just a gorgeous sunny day. Spring is nigh
So we had a family day and went whale watching down at Sleaford. Well.... sort of. No whales to be seen to day, but the scenery was magnificent. Was worth the drive to look at the vista and watch the surfers catch a wave. I tried out my new UV Polarizing filter and am very very happy with it. (I did have a bit of a fiddle with it up at North Block and learnt a lot where I was going wrong with it then.)

I asked Kym to take the camera so I could be in a couple of the shots. Don't ya just love a man's sense of humor. Not!! (lol just gotta love him tho.)

Tomorrow???? No idea. Wherever the mood takes us......!!!!!!!


maryanne r said...

woohoo Im here.
some great shots! reckon you could take some fab up close surfer shots one day.had to let scruff see kyms shots of you.lol.funny guy your hubby!!

sandra said...

great shots Tiff.
love the surf shots.
oh and nice arse!!