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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mr N and Miss M

I've known this family for ages and it was such a pleasure to catch a moment of time forever for them. Thanks guys. I really enjoyed spending time with you. And for your patience so we could get all the shots.

If the kids are not having fun, nor am I. And you can bet your bottom dollar any Mum would get anxious if the kids are fretful.

So I play a lot with the kids. Their personalities really shine when they know that they don't just have to just sit and smile. They can go for a run for a bit while I work with their brother or sister (s). And then we'll continue where we left off.

And if some of the shoot just doesn't happen because someone is upset, I stop. There is just no point in trying to get kids to co operate when that is the last thing they want to do. If a significant part of the shoot hasn't been captured, I reschedule and try again. And that always works.
I'm not insinuating that this session with this family was stressful for anyone. Far from it. But some of the shots just didnt work the way I hoped and it was close to Miss M daytime nap, so we stopped and captured them the following day.
Hence the thanks for patience.

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