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Monday, August 3, 2009

what a weekend.

I did a post last night with all the details and the pics and as I forgot to turn on the wifi on the lappy it was not saved. I lost the lot. grrrr.

Anyway I'll try again.

phewwww. What a weekend. Lots of belly laughs, talking, eating, sipping and a bit of PS'ing. Friendships now cemented in concrete.

I rocked up to Adelaide a bit later than planned. I missed the early flight. Damn alarm clocks. So with a bit of a laugh at myself (what else could I really do) I rebooked for the next flight out.

Nat and Trev hosted us all in their home over the weekend. A huge thankyou for taking us in and letting us invade their home. This was Trev's idea. I am envious of Nat that she has a hubbie that is so encouraging and understanding about what this scrapping hobby really means to her. Thanks guys. You are AWESOME. (word of the weekend). Nat, you are unflappable.

I met the amazing Louise Nelsonwho joined us for the weekend. Her style is both unique and inspiring. To see her work and how she goes about it in real life was such a treat. Photos in the scrap mags do no justice to her creations. Louise had all the girls going nuts on Glimmermist all weekend.

I feel a connection with Louise and she thinks we are kindred spirits. Wow. What a compliment. She is truly an individual who lets no one put her in a box. That I do understand!!

And she issued the toilet paper challenge. Who would have thought that crap wrap would look so good. Prima lookalike lollipop flowers, spiral blooms, colour blocking, twisted lengths wrapped around twigs. Imagination was limitless this weekend.

Sonia won the TP challenge. And her LO was so cool. Hopefully she puts it on her blog so you can see. I hope her students were kind to her today (Monday). It was such a big weekend.

At long last I met Ange. She was so warm and welcoming on the forum where I met her. What she and her Mac baby cant do, well its just not worth doing.

Cat came all the way from Tassie. Man, she is AWESOME!!! So quick with a one liner. And she discovered an SA secret. Fruit Chocs have now invaded Tasmania!!! ;oD

Donna travelled from Perth. She owns Mystical Scrapbooks. Donna is an wonderful lady. And we were lucky enough to meet and scrap with her sister too.

I didn't scrap this weekend away. I just cant bear the thought of downsizing my stash. I have found that trying to 'kit' my LOs squashes my impulsive creativity. So I left it all home and took the laptop for photo editing instead. And I got heaps done.

I have done a quick collage of the cocktail consumption on Saturday night. I did have a few champers before too. Trev is one very talented bloke in keeping the ladies happy with their bevvies!!

And a group shot of us by the 'blue wall'

Me, Donna, Cat, Sonia, Nat, Ange, Louise
All ready talking about next year!!


Louise said...

Hey You :) :)

Lou X

Kirsty said...

Oh wow! How fun!!! I am jealous :)

maryanne r said...

your cocktail LO loks awesome tiff.
Sounds like you had a ball and WOW, at mixing with all that talent, esp louise, whose talent we all see and admire in SM!! so pleased you had a great time.Thinking will have to come for a visit one day so you can show me how to make crap wrap look good..LOL.
catch up soon, after youve had a little liver recovery time!