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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I gotta be me

I have been a very lucky ducky.

I went to my normal Thursday scrapnite in Lincoln. On Friday night I went up to Lock to their scrap nite. Amy from Lincoln met me here in town and we travelled up together. Scrapping with the girls up there is so much fun, and you never know who may pop in the door. (waves to Gary!!). Each LSS has their own atmosphere and ambiance. Different faces, ideas, products, help and advice. Just a big melting pot of creativity really.

I had been in a bit of a rut scrapping wise in the last couple of weeks as the Photography side of things has really been steaming along. This week is a bit the same with 4 sessions booked, 2 of them outside for rural themed shoots. So this has sapped my time to scrap. LOL. I do have to sleep now and then.

So on those couple of nights I was able to take a deep breath and jump into the scrap stash again. Gosh it felt good.

Anyway I digress. Amy stayed here last night as it was just far too late for her to drive home. We got back here from Lock at 4am. *insert roll eyes* Top night by the way. Many thanks Brigette and Karen.

Amy had car issues this morning so we ended up finding a car trailer and I took her and her car back home to Lincoln. I had nothing else on my plate today and it was a bit on the chilly side to go to footy for my taste. It will certainly make this weekend stick in my mind for a while. Amy's too I bet!! I hope its easily and cheaply fixed chick (fingers crossed)

This is one of 3 and a half LO's that came together during the scrap nites. Louise Nelson had me really looking at her LO's when I met her in Adelaide a few weekends ago. *Hi Lou!!* Her style is so liberating and free. So with a twig in hand and no idea how it would all end up, this happened. The next 2 posts below are the other LOs.


Cassandra said...

You are a Lucky Ducky no-one let me know there was a night on Locally and wasnt advertised. Never mind I'll see you this Fri at Cummins one Lindy rang me this morning to let me know. Love your layouts.xxx

Kirsty said...

Ahhhhhhh- MAZING!!!! This is just gorgeous:)