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Monday, February 14, 2011

13.2.11 it's all about Sean

It was Sean's 5th birthday yesterday. oh my goodness, where did that time fly. We went to the pub the night before.

the DAD squeeze

The sponge cake I decorated. (I cant cook a sponge for the life of me. I've had so many attempts and different ovens and I'm a big enough girl to admit I'm a failure at sponges. But that's cool. I can find them unfilled at our local supermarket.

Sunday morning. This day was all about Sean.

The sibling hug (yes, we are a family of huggers. We hug a lot every day)

Getting acquainted with his monster truck (remote control). Definitely an outside toy this one!

Sean had a pool party with alot of his friends (cant show those pics here as I didnt ask permission from the parents.) We started at 11 and didn't finish to 4pm. It was excellent. We are so very lucky that our community has a first rate pool and surrounds.

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