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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Annie had braces put on her top row of teeth yesterday. We've been waiting for the two teeth either side of her front ones come down far enough so there was enough tooth for the brackets to be adhered to.

I've been asked several times already "Isn't she a bit young for them?". And if I didn't know Annie's situation with her teeth, I'd be asking the same thing. So I'm not offended at all. It's just the top row that's been straightened out and making sure there is enough room for her 12 year old molars to come thru later on. At this stage there's not, and even tho Annie's jaw will be bigger by then, they probably still wouldn't fit without pushing a lot of other teeth out of place. To make the room the front four need to be straightened up. And the added bonus is a beautiful smile with straight teeth.

We've stocked up on lots of soft foods for Annie. Her teeth will be sore for about a week before they settle down a bit. I'm so proud of her. She's so tough. No panadol last night and she reckons yep, they do hurt a bit but she can handle it. She even ate snitzel for tea. I wasn't sure if she would want to go to school today, but she was so keen to show her friends that a little bit of soreness wasn't going to hold her back. I went in to drop off her swim bag that she had forgotten and checked on her. She's just fine. There's been no teasing and her friends have asked lots of questions about them. I've asked her to let me know and her teacher know if she gets any hassles from anyone.

The brace will be on for about 6 months at this stage, so I'm hoping that the school photos will be later this year. After August would be fantastic, but if it's not, then that's fine. But here's hoping  *crosses fingers*

tip:  Annie first picked out the clear rubbers that hold the wire onto the brackets. These stain very quickly so we were advised to go for the lavender colour as they fade to a soft pink and will be hardly noticeable. And use bee's wax on the brackets that cause any irritations. It sticks better and doesn't fall out so easily.


maryanne said...

I wouldnt expect any teasing tiff, soooo many kids with braces and plates now that the kids are all pretty familiar with them!

Anonymous said...

i don't think teasing will be a problem. my leah sounds the same she has one spot for 3 teeth to come through.i love the purple colour.

Kirsty said...

Love the lavendar! She has a beautiful smile :)
We have been investigating our orthodontic options for our two girls, and yep, the concensus seems to be get in early!