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Sunday, February 20, 2011

wiggle it just a little bit

The kids and I had a quick and unexpected trip to Pt Augusta this weekend. My Dad and Jane rang us Friday night to say they were about to fly out of Darwin to Adelaide via Melbourne and could we meet them on Saturday afternoon at my brother's home in Pt Augusta.

Dad and Jane were delayed for 3 days in Darwin as the airport was shut down due to the cyclone, and flew out as soon as it opened. Hence the 'such short notice'

So I chucked together a bag of stuff, and Saturday morning saw us heading North. Kym stayed on a job site here, as it had been delayed several times, and he felt uncomfortable about delaying it again. I do wished he had come up with us, as in my mind, family comes first.  :(

When we arrived I was told that my Grandmother in Crystal Brook had a heart turn Saturday morning. So while I was so close to where she lives, my brother and I went to see her today (Sunday). She was much brighter than I expected and we all crossing fingers that her assessment in a few days will be a positive step forward for her.

By the time we got back to Pt Augusta, said our goodbyes and whizzed through Big W for school clothes, it was much later than I had planned to get the kids and me home. Somewhere around 6.45pm.

Long day on the road for me.

A LO from the other day. I'm having a bit of a love affair with mint green atm. I call it Elizabeth Kartchner 
green as it's her signature colour.


sandra said...

yummo at the colour scheme and those punches.
and yep that other tooth looks like it was 'just' hanging in there!
loving the stitching too.

SueP said...

Love your border punches....very noice!!! and those Alphas are yummy too....great stitching! Love it!