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Saturday, February 5, 2011


... was a magic day for the kids. I took them to watch Tangled. I was warned to let the kids know about the witch as she has scared some of our younger friends. So with a bit of warning to expect a scary looking lady, they were fine. Great movie. Recommend it.

After a coin toss, Annie won the choice of KFC for lunch.

We went to the Leisure Centre for the afternoon. Annie had a ball climbing over the floating obstacle course, swinging out on the rope and the going on the slide. Sean is a bit small to go on the slide on his own so that meant I could be a big kid and go on it too. And he also went off the swinging rope up the deep end. He was wearing his bubble and I was in the water to push him over to the edge. little tarzan

Gosh we all had a ball. No pics, alas, I was having far too much fun with the kids to bother with the camera. And that's the way it should be  :O)

ps. Harry Potter update.  Annie's just finished the fourth book Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire. All 636 pages of it. She amazes me. And now she's into the 766 pages of the Order of the Phoenix.

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