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Saturday, February 12, 2011


what a hilarious night at Shabby Chick Shack. I haven't had so many belly laughs for ages. Late night home. About 2am for me. And sooooo many mice on the road. The number of them sure are on the rise!

Sue came up with me and it was wonderful to catch up with her again. Since I stepped back from the Escape2Create team I haven't seen a lot of Sue in the scrappy sense. She was my next door neighbour when I was growing up on the family farm so we do go waaay back.

I learnt a few new definitions of words and phrases last night (a bit too ruggered to say what they are on here lol) and I'm working my way to a Lock passport apparently (location joke).

I did manage 2 and half LO's done, 2 of which are the same (his and hers) with some slight differences. And just need to get the journaling done on the third.

This is one of the his and hers. Journaling says:

I really hope that one set of those little hands will one day choose to carry on the business of the family farm. At this stage I don't think either of them may do that. Annie is not overly interested and Sean doesn't seem to be all that enthused about going out with Dad on the header, truck or tractor.   4.11.2008


Kirsty said...

This is gorgeous! The pic, the heartfelt journalling and I love the wheat!

sandra said...

loving the tones in this one. and yummo at the punched border.
and I think there will be a few farmers around the area with the same hopes as you.

Cassandra said...

Love the layout Tiff. Dont think my boys are going to be farmers either my wish is for them to have another trade first feel theres more to life than farming.Lock Passport? Think I still dont have one either LOL barely scrap these days.