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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

horsemen from snowy river

Kathy and myself took our 5 children to Pt Lincoln to watch the Horsemen from Snowy River last Friday night. I was really keen to see the Horsemanship and the well being of the horses.

I was not disappointed. The horses looked particularly well cared for, well fed and energetic. They didn't seem bored by going around doing the same old routine.

The renowned Lipizzaner defence move of the high leap and kick. This was a wartime strategy when Spain's army road horses many years ago.

The trick riding I admired, especially the body strength and flexibility of the man and woman, but also the horse's ability to compensate for the constantly moving centre of gravity when the riders move around on top.

And also to read when to drop their head a bit so the leg that's being swung over near their ear doesn't connect.

The dogs playing footy with balloons was a memorable moment.

But I think the biggest impression on me, being a horse chick from way back, was the quietly spoken Horse Whisperer Sonny. His manner was understated, but every horse had an ear on him the whole time waiting for the next quietly spoken word for their next move.

This is absolute trust from the horse as in this position he is most vulnerable to attack. Horses's natural instinct is flight when in fear, so do lie down willingly and be so exposed, shows the amazing bond between the man and the horse.


It was a wonderful show, and the kids are still talking about it. Well worth the ticket price!!

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